Penelope - Short Film

Hunter K-009 embarks on a contract that may be too much to chew.

2018. Created for Big Teeth 60 Second Film Festival. Inspired by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker, A Friend In Need”.

Penelope - Short Film

Director/Producer/Editor/VFX/Color - Patrick Lewtschanyn

Directors of Photography - Patrick Lewtschanyn and Ryan Kolegas

Co-Producer/Wardrobe/Animal Handler - Laura Thapthimkuna

Additional VFX/Props - Jared Willard

Audio Mix - Garrett Schultz

Cast -

Hunter K-009 - "Patrick Lewtschanyn"

Penelope "Herself"

Special Thanks - Christopher Eyers, Jimmy Casey, Jeff Risdon, Randall Hill